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Safety Committee Members 

Safety Coordinator - Randy Botts

District Office - Aaron Asplund 

Treasurer - Cyndi Waltmire

Department Secretary - Jalene Soto

SpEd Director - Joseph Ledoux

Food Svcs. Dir. - Lindsay Harrod

MOT Supervisor - Chris DeLisle

TES Rep - Tracy Tedone 

VES Rep - Tanya Marshall 


THS Rep - TBD 

Alt Ed Rep - Donnia Callahan

SIPE Rep - Garth Maijala

Templeton Safety Committee Staff Resources

Committee Purpose

Each employee of Templeton Unified School District is encouraged to promote health and safety; to help identify and correct hazards and unsafe practices. The TUSD Safety Committee will follow up on employee concerns and investigate possible solutions to all safety concerns.


Committee Goals

  1. To promote and maintain the interest of employees in health and safety issues.
  2. To help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses. 
  3. To lower the frequency and severity of accidents and injuries.  
  4. To encourage all employees to participate in district safety programs.  

Safety incentive program


Each month a safety topic is identified, oftentimes pertinent to what's currently happening in the district, community, county, state, or world.  Staff are expected to read, review, and complete a monthly test on the topic.