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TUSD Board of Trustees Governance Handbook

On April 22, 2017, the members of the Templeton Unified School District's Governance Team participated in a workshop on Effective Governance with the California School Boards Association.  The Board of Trustees is pleased to share its Governance Handbook.  It reflects the governance team's discussions about developing and sustaining a framework for effective governance.  It reflects the highlights of the conversations and serves as a guide for the Trustees to operate using a unity of purpose, identified roles and responsibilities for the Trustees and the Superintendent, and norms and protocols for how the Trustees will perform its duties in representing the students, staff and community of Templeton.  The Trustees unanimously adopted the Governance Handbook at its August 24, 2017 regular board meeting.  The handbook has been updated with the current edition posted below.  


Governance Handbook - Revised 8/22/19

MR. TED DUBOST                                    PRESIDENT                                Term expires November 2020

(805) 400-5940


MS. BRENDA GRAY                                  MEMBER                                    Term expires November 2020

 (805) 441-6392


MR. JAN NIMICK                                         MEMBER                                   Term expires November 2022

(805) 208-6224


MR. MATT VIERRA                                        CLERK                                      Term expires November 2022                                

(805) 712-1941


DR. NELSON YAMAGATA                            MEMBER                                 Term expires November 2020

(805) 434-0335  



MR. BLAKE FARDANESH                                MEMBER                                    Term expires June 2020


(805) 434-5805 (District Office)




About the Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Board of Trustees' Web Page: 

The Templeton Unified School District Board of Trustees is a five-member Board elected from the school district at large and serving four year terms.  The role of the Board is to serve as a policy-making body for the school district.  The Board is charged with providing the best possible education for the students of Templeton Unified School District while conforming to Federal, State, and County laws.  The District staff, headed by the Superintendent, carries out the policies and actions of the Board. Among the Board's numerous duties is the adoption of the annual budget; approval of expenditures; employment of personnel; approval of the curriculum, textbooks, and courses of study; approval of facility plans and construction contracts.

Your participation in District business increases the public's awareness, promotes understanding and maintains accountability.  The Board warmly welcomes your input.

Questions regarding Board meetings and community opportunities for participation may be directed to the Superintendent's Office at 805-434-5805.  


Board Meetings


The Board of Trustees conducts regular meetings which are generally held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, with the exception of July, November, and December.  Meetings are generally held in the Eagle Conference Center at 950 Old County Road, Templeton and commence at 6 p.m. unless otherwise posted.  Board meetings are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the District's business.  All meetings of the Board are open to the public, with the exception of Closed Session meetings.  Meetings are recorded for reference in preparing the minutes and, in accordance with the Board bylaws, the recording is maintained for a period of 30 days following the meeting.  The official board agenda is posted at the District Office at 960 Old County Road, Templeton, and is also available via a link on this web site. 


Addressing the Board

Each board meeting includes an opportunity for the public to comment either during the Public Comment portion of the meeting or at the time a particular item is considered.  Please complete a "comment card," available at the sign-in table, and drop it in the basket.  The Board President will call upon you and ask you to approach the podium at the appropriate time.  Speakers may be called upon in the order that cards are received, or grouped by subject.  To allow everyone the opportunity to speak, the Board asks that all participants respect the three minute time limit accorded to each speaker.  In the case of numerous requests to address the same subject, the Board may select representatives to speak on each item.  Proper decorum is requested at all times.  Speakers will be asked to step down if improper language, topics or closed session items are discussed. 


Placing Items on the Board Agenda

Members of the public may place items on the agenda of any regular board meeting.  The items must be directly related to school district business.  Requests for placement must be made in writing and delivered to the Superintendent's office not later than 5 p.m. on the eighth business day prior to the meeting.  The position of the item on the agenda will be determined by the Superintendent, who may consult with the Board president on the matter.  Items placed on the agenda by the public will be for information and discussion, so that the Board may be advised of the views of the community.  The Board reserves the right to place the item on the agenda of a subsequent meeting for action. 


Corresponding with Board Members

The Board receives a packet via the Superintendent's office each Friday.  Written communication for the Board of Trustees may be addressed to each member of the Board at Templeton Unified School District, 960 Old County Road, Templeton, CA 93465.  All incoming mail is unread and distributed directly to the Board members.  Please allow sufficient time for the Board to receive the information.  You may also wish to correspond via electronic mail with Board members.  A link is provided on this site to the Board members' district email account.  Please note that a Board member's electronic communication may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.  (Government Code 6250-6270) 

Student Trustee

In mid-spring 2016 the Templeton Unified School District Board of Trustees took a huge step forward by inviting the students at Templeton High School, Eagle Canyon Continuation High School and Templeton Independent Study High School to elect a trustee to fully participate in Board of Trustee meetings.  During the course of the first year, a job description was developed and approved by the Board outlining the duties of a student trustee.  


Student Trustee Job Description