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Contact Information

Contact AJ Alsup  AJ Alsup (805) 434-4073 Director of Technology & Information Systems
Contact Aaron Asplund  Aaron Asplund (805) 434-5810 Chief Business Official
Contact Jackie Bobsin  Jackie Bobsin (805) 434-5843 Food Service Director
Contact Laura Javine  Laura Javine (805) 434-5808 Payroll L - Z/Health Insurance/Classified employee leaves/PERS retirement
Contact Joe Koski  Joe Koski (805) 434-5805 Superintendent
Contact Karen Marik-Saad  Karen Marik-Saad (805) 434-5821 TES Site Secretary
Contact Cheryl Parks  Cheryl Parks (805) 434-5805 Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Contact Cyndi Waltmire  Cyndi Waltmire (805) 434-5804 Accounting