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SB 98 - Special Education Update
Posted 8/25/20

The Governor has ordered all schooling to be via distance learning with the allowance of some special education service(s) to be provided in person, for a limited number of eligible students to access distance learning. Special education services are being offered on a case-by-case base, using data, for those students who are unable to access distance learning due to their disabilities.  This service is to support distance learning and does not replace direct instruction from distance learning teachers.  Case managers are tracking data on goals for all special education students(s) and will contact parents as appropriate. In person assessments are also being scheduled on an individual bases.   Strict safety protocols, including social distancing and students wearing masks, to the extent tolerable, will be adhered to under all circumstances.


Please feel free to contact your child's case manager or the Special Ed Director at (805) 434-4074 should you have additional questions.


Thank you for your grace, support and understanding during these unprecedented times.



Dee Dee Mello-Wisch

TUSD SpEd Director